Tommy Lee Royce
Tommy Lee Royce
Portrayed by James Norton
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 1
Duration 2014-
Status Alive
Occupation Criminal;Prison
Sons Ryan Cawood
Tommy Lee Royce is eighteen months into serving a life sentence in a Category A prison, Gravesend. He’s in decent shape compared to when we last saw him - when he looked squalid and weak on the narrow boat.

Series 1Edit

Recently released from prison after serving eight years for drugs related offences, the quiet, shy and unassuming Tommy finds himself a job working for Ashley Cowgill, who develops property and runs a smart caravan site. Ashley is also a successful drugs dealer.

Through Ashley, Tommy becomes involved in the kidnap and abduction of Ann Gallagher, the daughter of local millionaire businessman Nevison Gallagher - an uneasy plan cooked up between Ashley and Nevison's employee Kevin Weatherill, who rents one of Ashley’s caravans as a weekend retreat for himself and his family.

Once Ann Gallagher has been abducted, Tommy becomes her guard, and reveals his true colours. Beneath the shy, occasionally charming exterior, Tommy is a psychopath. He comes from a tough, deprived background. Life has been unkind to him and he has a pathological mistrust of everyone. He is a dangerous human being who copes with life by taking control of everything and everyone around him.

Series 2Edit

Prison life, it seems, suits Tommy. He’s been spending time in the prison gym, and a crucifix tattoo on his neck and head indicate his foray into religion - an attempt at redemption perhaps. But if there’s one thing we know about Tommy, it’s that you can never take him at face value. He may look different, but a leopard doesn't change his spots and inside, he’s still a narcissistic psychopath.

Tommy's prison sentence has earned him a notoriety common with murders and he’s accrued a fan club of women who want to save him and will stop at nothing to please him - such as regular visitor Frances. This thought is disturbing enough without thinking about what would happen if he was to succeed in fulfilling his twisted fantasy of putting Catherine out of her misery and claiming back what’s his…his son Ryan.

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